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  • City of Burlington

    ... Burlington, VT 05401 Voice (802) 865-7145 Fax (802) ... Essential Job Functions: ... • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering required.


    ... and doing business in Vermont, and to Vermont state government. ... Find a Job in Vermont; Citizens; Business; State Employees; Tourists; Kids; Seniors; Helpful ...

  • Engineering, Design & Construction – New England Region ...

    Jobs News About ... Craig Bailey, Senior Civil Engineer ... Responsible for Massachusetts and Vermont (including Massport Airports). John Merck, ...

  • Job Detail - VA Careers

    ... The General Engineer works within the Projects Section and ... architectural, civil, plumbing, heating, and ... When applying for Federal Jobs, ...

  • Careers | US EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency

    Sign up to get emails about EPA jobs: Go. Follow us on Twitter. The ...

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  • how are the job prospects for civil engineers?

    I am about to choose my undergrad subject in engineering. I can go for civil engineering or regional and urban development engineering. Which one would be better in terms of job prospects? I'm looking... (see more)

  • UTSA Engineering. Is it tough?

    Hello, I will most likely relocating to San Antonio in the fall, and I have picked up interest in pursuing an engineering degree. I am interested in attending UTSA's engineering program. Most likely... (see more)

  • can anyone tell me anything about being an engineer? (specifically civil)?

    I'm majoring in civil engineering. What is a normal work day like? Is there a lot of traveling out of state involved? what will i be doing exactly? is there a lot of calculus involved? will i have to... (see more)

  • Questions about engineering school?

    So, I started having an interest in engineering very late in the high school game. It basically means I had a mediocre math record - Bs in Algebra I and Geometry and just an A in Algebra II. And if th... (see more)

  • Questions about college?

    Just looking into schools and have a few questions. Is utsa a good school to get a civil engineering degree from? Do most students stay all 4 years or leave? Is it a good school? If you have been ... (see more)

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