Juvenile Dependency in Virginia

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  • What Is a Juvenile Petition? | eHow

    Virginia State Laws on Juvenile Emancipation. A minor wishing for freedom of control from his parents must file a petition for emancipation with the court.

  • California Laws on the Guardianship of Juveniles | eHow

    In order to obtain guardianship, a party must file a petition before the appropriate juvenile or probate court, ... Virginia Law for Juvenile Drug Possession;

  • How to Become a Juvenile Judge | eHow

    How to Become a Juvenile Judge. Juvenile Court judges are more common in the Court system today. There is an increasing need for Court involvement in issues relating ...

  • How to Become a Juvenile Counselor | eHow

    Becoming a juvenile counselor requires experience and training working with youths. Juvenile counselors are asked to provide custody, care, and counseling to youths ...

  • How to Become a Juvenile Lawyer | eHow

    How to Become a Juvenile Lawyer. Juvenile lawyers are defense attorneys who represent minors who have committed criminal infractions. Some juvenile lawyers also work ...

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