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  • White House Rural Council Announces $10 Billion Private Investment Fund to Finance Job-Creating Infrastructure Projects in Rural America

    The White House Rural Council has announced the creation of the new U.S. Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund through which private entities can invest in job-creating rural infrastructure projects across the country. An initial $10 billion has been committed to the fund with greater investment expected to follow. Target investments will include hospitals, schools and other educational facilities, rural water and wastewater systems, energy projects, broadband expansion, local and regional food systems, and other rural infrastructure.

    CoBank a national cooperative bank serving rural America and a member of the Farm Credit System, is the fund`s anchor investor, committing $10 billion to get the fund off the ground. Capitol Peak Asset Management will manage the new fund and work to recruit more investors to add to CoBank`s initial commitment. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other federal agencies will help to identify rural projects that could be potential beneficiaries of financing through this new fund and other private sources.

    The creation of the new fund was announced during the first-ever White House Rural Opportunity Investment Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference brought together business and financial community leaders, Administration and other government officials, rural development experts, and others to promote investment opportunities in America`s rural communities.

    The Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund will allow America`s rural economy to continue its forward momentum by enhancing access to capital for rural infrastructure projects and speeding up the process of rural infrastructure improvements. The fund is immediately open for business and more investors can now add to the initial $10 billion in available capital.

    The fund will allow a wide variety of new participants, including pension funds, endowments, foundations, and other institutional investors that have not traditionally had access to these markets to invest in rural development. In some cases, projects may be funded entirely through private sector dollars. In others, private dollars may be leveraged with and extend critical government loan and grant programs.

    News Release

    Also see:

    Fact Sheet: Increasing Investment in Rural America

  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: Availability of Initial Informational Resources from Departments of Labor and Education (Fact Sheet, Implementation Timeline, FAQs, Resource Webpage, Mailbox)

    The Employment and Training Administration has published Training and Employment Notice -5-14. This TEN communicates the enactment of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), announces its current implementation plans, shares key statutorily-required implementation dates, and provides initial informational resources regarding the provisions in the new law.

    The TEN conveys three attachments:

    WIOA Fact Sheet Key Statutorily Required Implementation Dates Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    The TEN notes that ETA has established a WIOA Resource Page ( to serve as the on-line repository for the Department`s WIOA implementation materials. The fact sheet, key statutorily required implementation timelines, questions and answers, and other relevant guidance and technical assistance materials are available on this site.

    Questions regarding WIOA implementation can be submitted to a newly-established in-box ( As responses are developed, they will be posted on the WIOA Resource Page.

    The TEN also notes:

    The Department of Education`s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education has established a WIOA Resource Page for information related to the adult education and literacy programs under title II of WIOA. This page is located at: Questions may be submitted to OCTAE staff at

    The Department of Education`s Rehabilitation Services Administration has also established a WIOA Resource Page for information related to the vocational rehabilitation program. This page is located at:

  • Current Population Survey: BLS Seeks to Add Questions on Certifications and Licensure; Seeks Comments by September 15

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced it is seeking Office of Management and Budget approval for revisions to the Current Population Survey. BLS notes, in part:

    The CPS questionnaire has been revised to add three questions on certification/licensure and remove three questions on educational attainment to avoid increasing the cost of the CPS and to limit the increase in respondent burden. These proposed changes would be permanent changes to the survey.

    Certification/licensure is a topic that aligns closely with the CPS goal of collecting information about factors that impact labor market success, and it is a topic of interest to researchers and policy makers. The three additional questions will identify whether respondents have a currently active professional certification or license; whether any of those credentials were issued by the Federal, State, or local government; and whether the credential is required for an individual`s main job.

    The July 17 FEDERAL REGISTER provides the BLS preamble statement on the CPS, addresses the education attainment item that are proposed for excision, summarizes the burden hour estimates, and describes the desired focus for public comment.

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