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  • Are FHA Mortgages Assumable? | eHow - eHow | How to Videos ...

    Are FHA Mortgages Assumable?. An assumable mortgage allows the current homeowner to transfer the loan to a buyer of the home, with the new owner taking over the ...

  • Is an FHA Loan Assumable? | eHow

    Is an FHA Loan Assumable?. When interest rates go up after a significant period of low rates, FHA loans become quite attractive. Unlike nearly all conventional loans ...

  • What Does an Assumable Mortgage Mean ? | eHow

    When you have an assumable mortgage and you sell your home, the buyer can assume your existing mortgage and continue to make payments on it rather than take out a new ...

  • How to Assume a Mortgage | eHow

    Assuming a mortgage (taking over someone else's mortgage) is an alternative to getting a new loan and can sometimes be the least expensive way to finance a property.

  • Is an FHA an Assumable Mortgage? | eHow

    In an era of high interest rates, an assumable FHA mortgage allows a new buyer to take advantage of locked-in low interest rates. For example, an assumable mortgage ...

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