Taxes in Wirt County, WV

Taxes in Wirt County, WV Information from the Government

  • Welcome to Wirt County, West Virginia!

    County Assessor: County Sheriff: ... Welcome to Wirt County, West Virginia! Welcome to the official website of Wirt County! This ...

  • County Assessor

    Wirt County Assessor (Office): The Assessor of every county is elected every four years. The position is required to be full-time in all but Class X counties.

  • Wirt County Sheriff

    ... West Virginia is the only state to be designated by Presidential Proclamation. ... Enforce payment of delinquent taxes ; Wirt County Sheriff: ...

  • Links and Resources - Wirt County, West Virginia

    County Assessor: County Sheriff: County Magistrates: County Circuit Clerk: County Prosecuting Attorney: ... The West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT), ...

  • About Us - Wirt County, West Virginia

    Wirt County is a county located in the U.S. state of West Virginia. As of 2000, the population was 5,873, the least of any county in West Virginia.

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