Local Taxes in Dodge County, WI

Local Taxes in Dodge County, WI Information from the Government

  • Tax Rates - Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    ... except the local exposition tax, ... What is the sales tax rate? The Wisconsin sales tax is a 5% tax ... to the 0.5% county tax must collect 5.5% sales tax on ...


  • Property Tax - Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Search for local clerks; More… Property Owner Guides. ... What types of property tax credits are available in Wisconsin? What property tax credits can be taken on ...


  • Dodge County Online

    Dodge County Assessor. The county assessor has the duty to value all real and personal property in the county as a basis for the county board to levy taxes.


  • Tax Information - Juneau County

    Juneau County, Wisconsin Tax and Assessment Information Disclaimer of Accuracy of Data ... please contact your local municipality for current tax information.


  • USDOJ: Elder Justice and Prosecution

    ... please call the non-emergency number for your local police department ... of Columbia County: 2652 Murphy Rd. Portage, WI ... Dodge County Health ...


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