Taxes in Dodge County, WI

Taxes in Dodge County, WI Information from the Government

  • Tax Rates - Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Wisconsin Department of Revenue Common Questions about Wisconsin tax rates. Skip ... For the 62 Wisconsin counties who have adopted a county tax, ... Dodge (14) 5%: 0.50%

  • Dodge County County Treasurer

    Dodge County Treasurer 's Office: Online Payments . Effective August 15, 2009 you can pay various taxes and fees online with your credit card. There is a fee added to ...

  • Dodge Property

    DODGE COUNTY, NEBRASKA AMES ... Any questions regarding the amount or payment of real property tax should be directed to and/or verified with your county treasurer.

  • Dodge County Online

    Dodge County Assessor. The county assessor has the duty to value all real and personal property in the county as a basis for the county board to levy taxes.

  • Intercounty Coordinating Committee

    Poynette, WI 53955 Secretary / Treasurer Dodge County UW-Extension 127 E Oak Street Juneau, WI 53039 Member Contacts: Columbia County Vern E. Gove 400 Dewitt Street

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